New Features That Are the Advantages of Android 12

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Google’s newest Android operating system, Android 12, has been introduced following the success of Android 11. It has undergone a number of changes. Initially only available on Google’s Pixel devices, this newest operating system slowly started to appear in a variety of other smartphone brands.

The largest change in recent years is made to the Android 12 operating system itself. This is done to make using new features on Android more convenient for all users. Whereas the design of the new features has considerably changed from that of the previous generation. What fresh features are then offered by the Android 12 OS? Look at the following justification.
You Have a Dynamic Theme with Material Design
The new features of Android 12 may be found under the Material You design section. Where, with an emphasis on color and customization, the design will show up on the Android device area as well as a number of Google services. Users can then customize the line width, color, contrast, size of the pieces, and other features to their liking.

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The lockscreen, widgets, notification panel, and applications are all included in the theme, which is also highly dynamic in terms of the wallpaper’s color. The Android 12 operating system favors soft, pastel hues. However, you can change and select the color you wish to use if you are not happy with the default color.
Quick Settings Panel in a New Widget Design
After that, the widget area, which has a fresh and nicer look, contains the new features of Android 12. Whereas, this brand-new widget will modify the colors to match the Material You theme. The widget has also received a number of new APIs to enhance its efficiency, assisting developers in updating their products’ looks and features.

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The widget that each user chooses to use can also be customized to make it appear better on the home screen display. Added to the Quick Settings Panel, which was also updated with larger, rectangular buttons with rounded corners replacing the smaller ones. In this manner, the display is significantly bigger, simpler to read, and capable of holding more data.
Screenshots that scroll
Additionally, a brand-new function called scrolling screenshots makes it simpler to snap screenshots. where users may quickly capture the screen while navigating by pressing the Capture More button. Users who don’t have to take screenshots repeatedly benefit greatly from this. This function enables shooting photos without maintaining a lengthy and cumbersome list.
Improved One-handed and Auto-Rotate Features
In essence, the auto-rotate feature uses data from the accelerometer sensor to adapt the user’s view as the smartphone is rotated. As a result, face detection is updated to auto-rotate in Android 12 so that the smartphone screen will recognize faces and rotate when the face orientation changes. Even when the screen is lying on its side, this won’t cause it to rotate.

In addition, Google made it simpler for users to operate smartphones with one hand by including a one-handed mode feature in Android 12. Users must enable this function by selecting System and Gestures from the Settings menu, then turning on one-handed mode.
A New Way to Launch Google Assistant
On Android 11, you had to speak “Ok, Google” to activate Google Assistant; however, on Android 12, you merely have to hold down the power button for a long time to do so. Additionally, users may now access certain programs, take screenshots, activate Google Assistant, and do other actions by double-tapping the rear of the phone with the newest Quick Tap feature from Android 12.
Privacy Control Panel
The Android 12 operating system also includes a new privacy dashboard that enables users to view each app’s access permissions as well as usage statistics. Users can monitor or revoke access permissions from this privacy dashboard with this newest functionality.

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Depending on the application being used, users can also opt to share the precise position or the estimated location while sharing their location.
Camera and Microphone Indicator
The microphone and camera indications are the final addition that makes Android 12 better. We appreciate your visit and thank you for using this feature. Encourage PisbonTM

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